Featheredge fencing


Ashtead Fencing provides custom fencing installation services for homes throughout Ashtead and surrounding areas. A new garden fence adds style to your outdoor space, while also providing your home with extra privacy and security.

We use only the best quality materials from reputable builder merchants to ensure our fences are built to last. Each fence is built to your specific requirements, with a wide range of styles and materials available. Expect unrivalled style, quality, and durability from your new fence.

Having installed garden fences throughout the Surrey area since 2018, we provide a friendly and reliable service. As a local business, we take pride in providing affordable fencing installation services to homeowners throughout Surrey.

For more information on our fencing installation service, call us today on 01372 309 580 or email us at info@ashteadfencing.co.uk

We install a wide selection of modern fences, each one offering a unique style to compliment your landscape. Our current range of fences available for installation in Ashtead include:

Larch Lap Panel Fencing


Larch lapped panel fencing is popular throughout UK gardens, offering a stylish fencing perimeter for an affordable price. Consisting of solid frames (made from either timber or concrete) with horizontal slats, larch lap panel fencing is a great all-rounder.

The flexible design means it suitable for most garden sizes, with the panels offering lots of security and privacy. We use pressure treated wood for larch lap panel fencing to provide added durability.

Larch lap panels are available in several heights up to 6ft/1.8m

Feather Edge Panel Fencing


Feather edge panel fencing, also called closeboard fencing, is known for its beautiful aesthetic and exceptional strength and durability. Each panel features a robust timber/concrete frame with thick overlapping featheredge vertical slats that are secured with horizontal boards.

If you want the most durable fencing for your property, look no further then father edge panel fencing. It is one of the strongest, most durable types of fencing on the market.

While more expensive than larch lap panel fencing, its lasting durability means the fence will provide great value for money over many years.

Feather edge panels are available in several heights up to 6ft/1.8m

Trellis Fencing


While trellis fencing is suitable for the entire fencing boundary, it works best as a decorative finish to the top of a panel or closeboard fence. We install trellises on top of any type of fence, whether you’re looking to add it to your current fence or as part of a new fence installation.

We have various styles of trellis available, allowing you to achieve the desired aesthetic for your fencing. A trellis is a great way to add more height to the fence, offering additional privacy and security for your property.

Fencing Frames

We offer two main types of frameworks for fences – timber and concrete.

Timber Framework

Timber posts blend seamlessly with wooden fences and panels, providing a natural aesthetic that most people like for their garden.

Our timber frames are treated to ensure maximum durability while coming with affordable prices to offer the best value for your fencing.

Concrete Framework

Concrete posts offer added strength and durability, making sure that the fence frame is built to withstand the wild weather conditions we experience here in the UK.
Unlike timber, concrete isn’t susceptible to rotting or damage from insects. It more expensive than timber, while some people don’t like the more industrial aesthetic of concrete in their garden.


We always let you know what type of fence framework is best suited for your fencing installation before we start any work, making sure you get the best option for your needs.